Engraved-on-demand Jewelry made in EU
Engraved-on-demand Jewelry made in EU
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Fonts & Symbols

We offer a selection of 7 different fonts and a number of symbols, including script, calligraphic, casual and blackletter type fonts.

Note that different fonts are more or less visible when engraved, the more visible ones are the ones with 4 or more lines. Also, fonts are more or less wide, so more or less characters will fit depending on the font choice (for example, font #7 will fit much more characters than font #1).

Please see each of them below:

  • Font 1

Avant Garde 4 line font
  • Font 2

Cheltenam 4 line font
  • Font 3

Old English 3 line font
  • Font 4


Roman 2 line font

  • Font 5

Script 4 line font
  • Font 6

Vanessa 5 line font
  • Font 7

Jennasue 5 line font
  •  Symbols

More symbols are available upon request, like zodiac symbols, other animals, leaves, flowers etc.

How to add the text to be engraved?

In the checkout page, you will see "Add a note about your order". Please click it and enter the text you want engraved and your preferred font in the box which opens - "Special instructions to seller"